WhatYour Dr.MayNotTellYouAbout Menop

WhatYour Dr.MayNotTellYouAbout Menop

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WhatYour Dr.MayNotTellYouAbout Menop

John R Lee MD with Virginia Hopkins

372 pages, softbound.

The breakthrough book on natural progesterone. Important information on PMS, premenopause and other women's health issues.

Premenopausal symptoms, endometriosis, weight gain, low sex drive, fibrocystic breasts, heart disease, and osteoporosis - most women will experience these or other hormone-related problems. And today, millions of women concerned about aging must decide whether or not to undergo synthetic hormone replacement therapy - and suffer its side effects and increased risks of cancer.

But there is revolutionary news about complete safe, natural progesterone, the only hormone supplement women may need as they age. The exciting clinical findings from its use were first spread by word of mouth, then in a groundbreaking book written by acclaimed California physician John R Lee. Now, in this expanded and completely updated edition, Dr. Lee brings you lifesaving facts that even your doctor may not know about Premarin, Provera and other HRT (hormone replacement therapy) drugs; gives you an easy-to-follow nonprescription "hormone balance" program; and tells you how to stay energized, strong, sexually vigorous, and free from "female problems" before menopause, during the menopausal years, and beyond.

John R Lee MD is the author of Natural Progesterone. Recently retired from private practice after thirty years, he now teaches medical professionals and lay audiences about hormone balance and health.

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