Oil Pulling Therapy, by Bruce Fife

Oil Pulling Therapy, by Bruce Fife

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Oil Pulling Therapy, by Bruce Fife

Oil Pulling Therapy, Detoxifying and Healing the Body Through Oral Cleansing. All Disease Starts in the Mouth. By Dr. Bruce Fife.

“This could be the most important health book you will ever read! ”

If you have bad breath, bleeding gums, cavities, or tooth pain—you need this book! If you suffer from asthma, diabetes, arthritis, migraine headaches, or any chronic illness, and have not found relief, this book could have the solution you need.

All disease starts in the mouth! As incredible as it may seem, most of the chronic and infectious illnesses that trouble our society today are influenced by the health of our mouths.

Our mouths are a reflection of the health inside our bodies. If you have poor dental health, you are bound to have other health problems. Despite regular brushing and flossing, approximately 90 percent of the population has some degree of gum disease or tooth decay. Most people aren't even aware they have existing dental problems.

Recent research has demonstrated a direct link between oral health and chronic illness. Simply improving the health of your teeth and gums can cure many chronic problems. More brushing, flossing, and mouthwash isn't the solution. What will work is Oil Pulling Therapy. Oil pulling is an age-old method of oral cleansing originating from Ayurvedic medicine. It is one of the most powerful, most effective methods of detoxification and healing in natural medicine.

Dr. Fife's Oil Pulling Therapy is a revolutionary new treatment combining the wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine with modern science. The science behind oil pulling is fully documented with references to medical studies and case histories. Although incredibly powerful, Oil Pulling Therapy is completely safe and simple enough for even a child.

Oil Pulling Therapy guarantees to give you fresher breath, healthier gums, whiter teeth and help protect you from many chronic health problems.

  • About the Author: Dr. Bruce Fife, C.N., N.D., is an author, speaker, certified nutritionist, and naturopahtic physician. He has written over 20 books including Coconut Water for Health and Healing, The Coconut Oil Miracle and Eat Fat, Look Thin. He is the publisher and editor of the Healthy Ways Newletter and serves as the president of the Coconut Research Center, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to educate the public about the health and nutritional aspects of coconut.
  • Dr. Fife is recognized internationally as the foremost authority on the health and nutritional aspects of coconut and related topics. Dr. Fife was the first one to gather together the medical research on the health benefits of coconut oil and present it in an understandable and readable format for the general public. As such, he travels throughout the world educating medical professionals and laypeople alike on the wonders of coconut. For the reason, he is often referred to as the "Coconut Guru" and many respectfully call him "Dr. Coconut."
  • Softbound. 189 pages with index.
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