Milk Powder, Sweet Whey

Milk Powder, Sweet Whey

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Milk Powder, Sweet Whey

This Whey Milk Powder is a light colored, free-flowing powder resulting from spray-drying sweet, fresh, cheese whey. It is pasteurized either before or during the process of manufacture at a temperature of 161 degrees F for 15 seconds or its equivalent in bacterial destruction. No alkali or other chemical is added.

This product is used in a wide variety of different products including: frozen desserts, processed foods, confections and bakery items.


  • MIXING: Sweet whey is not usually reconstituted. Follow recipe to determine how much to use.
  • To make into a liquid it is suggested that one pour the powder into water (approximately half the volume desired) stirring continuously as the additional water is added. Continue to stir until the powder is in solution. A blender may be used for mixing. Agitate for about 30 seconds.
  • STORAGE: Product should be stored in a dry cool, clean location free of odors with a temperature below 80 degrees F and relative humidity below 65%. Although product stored for one year is usually found to be satisfactory, it is suggested that it not be stored for more than six months to assure fresh tasting product. For long term storage, it is recommended product be transferred into airtight containers.
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