Aspirin Alternatives, by Lombardi

Aspirin Alternatives, by Lombardi

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Aspirin Alternatives, by Lombardi

Aspirin Alternatives - The Top Natural Pain-Relieving Analgesics. A Health Learning Handbook by Raymond M. Lombardi, DC, ND, CCN.

Health Learning Handbooks are designed to provide useful information about ways to improve one’s health and well-being. Education about what the body needs to obtain and maintain good health is what we would like to provide.

This book discusses analgesics and natural approaches to pain. It is estimated that Americans swallow over 19 billion aspirin tablets each year - over 15 tons each day. Yearly sales for ibuprofen and acetaminophen are well over $2 billion. They are used for pain-relief, to reduce fever and inflammation, but like all drugs, there is a risk of side effects and interactions.

There are a number of natural alternatives which are equally effective and in many cases may be preferable because they may help treat the underlining problem rather than simply treating a symptom.

The author, Dr. Raymond Lombardi, is a chiropractor who treats patients daily who are experiencing various types of pain. His training and experience as a naturopathic doctor, nutritionist and herbalist, allows him to select the proper approach for the various types of pain, whether it is chronic, acute, inflammatory, degenerative, etc.

  • Printed in U.S.A.
  • Softback. 147 pages.
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